5 tips to quickly level in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle & Hack

In Dragon Ball it is mainly about strength. That’s why it’s nice if you can fight a bit with the rest. But how do you quickly reach a high level? We give you 5 tips to quickly level in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Trunks summons the warrior who is strongest through Shenron. So you. Then you can choose a variety , each of which has its advantages, and make a character. But to be honest, of course, do not imagine a bag compared to all other players in the game world. You just come to see!

Time to change that at a fast pace! In the beginning there are not many possibilities to quickly boost your level in the game. You can not play all that long and are even bound to some Parallel Quests and the storyline of the game. These tips are therefore not for the players who just start the game.

First play the story of Dokkan Battle

They must first pass through the storyline. With your first character you can not use the speed of light to jack up your level in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle. But you can speed up the process. You do this by not letting yourself be distracted by continuing all parallel missions until death for that S rank or the stuff.

The trick here is simply to continue the storyline as quickly as possible and to play the extra missions once. So talk to Trunks and then go to the Plaza of Time to start the next mission. By the time you have the red thread of the game and the parallel missions have picked up once, your first character hits level 70.

The maximum level that can be achieved in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle is currently level 80, so you’re almost there. You can then finish this character by playing a few parallel missions again. You can also choose to play a mission again. A lucrative mission with regard to experience points is, for example, “Team with Beerus”.

And then super fast!

If you have played Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle, you can then choose all the missions you want. And then it can go fast. The nice thing is that you can make up to eight characters in the game.

With your next character you can super level quickly. The fastest way to do this is to play Parallel Quest 53. In this mission you take on Brolly and you have to collect three Dragon Balls. It is better not to go into battle with this brute in this mission, because then you will get along with it.

What you do instead is going as fast as possible on the first Dragon Ball. As soon as you have it, help comes. If you then make sure your helpers stop Brolly (and that goes without saying), you can quickly collect the other two Dragon Balls. Then it is quickly back to the time machine and Kees is ready!

This is a reasonably easy mission in which you eventually rake a large number of experience points. Of course this depends on what rank you get in the mission, but it quickly increases to over 30,000 points. And that’s a lot if you’re in the lower levels!

A bit of variety in the Quests is also possible

The mission can be completed in minutes, so you can be at level 30 in a very short time. From that moment on you can also choose to play Parallell Quest 52 for the change.

This is somewhat more difficult than mission 53, but if you continue to spam the super attacks like the Death Ball, it should work. Especially if you are just going to play the mission, it is advisable to do this, since otherwise you will find it difficult. You take it against three Great Apes and they can cause considerable damage.

At the end of this Parallel Quest in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle you will see why this mission is so lucrative. He delivers even more experience points than Quest 53! If you achieve the mission on a Z grade, you can get 60,000 experience points.

Mission 49 is also a fun mission that delivers mountains with experience points. At least 40,000 points can be obtained here. This is also a somewhat longer mission, where in a five against a fight you simply have to beat everyone. Nice for the change compared to the previous two missions.

Shenron can help you

The dragon Shenron in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle can fulfill wishes. At least, if you have collected all Dragon Balls. He uses this as a means of payment to fulfill one wish. After that wish the Dragon Balls disappear and you have to search again.

You may wish that you can re-share all your strength, which is very useful of course if you have not built up your character properly. However, he can also lend a hand in extra experience points. He then gives you enough to reach the next level, but then it stops.

This is not at all what you have to use the Dragon Balls for, but it still belongs in this row at home, as you (especially in the higher levels) quickly rises a level. Think of it as a last resort to raise a level, because the other methods mentioned are more lucrative and do not cost Dragon Balls.

Together you are strong

Let’s not forget that Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle is a multiplayer game. It is not for nothing that everything is going through the city. You can choose to join a team, which actually makes things a lot easier. People react much better than the computer players.

With your human co-player you can enter into online battles and missions that generate a lot of experience points and fun stuff for the characters. You can of course participate in the tournaments that are there

With these five tips you can level up in Dragon Ball Xenoverse very quickly . Of course there are absolutely other ways to quickly level up, but these ways and missions are known to be very lucrative.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 since February 27th. We received the game with a 7.0 in the review .