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Best tips for the PlayersUnknown Battleground Mobile game:

Best places to land on the Pubg map

From the beginning of the game, it is always helpful to find a good location where you can find a lot of loot and where no one else is going. But a place like this does not really exist because if there is good loot, there will be other players as well. For starters, I can recommend these 5 cities namely Zharki, Severny, Lipovka, Mylta and Primorsk. If you want to start the game in town, they provide you with good loot and, in our experience, there are not as many other players in these areas. So, if you decide to enter a city make sure to land at the edge of the city. If you land in the middle of the city, you have to worry about other players on all sides. But if you land on the edge of town, you only have to worry about one side, the side right in front of you.

Be very careful when looting buildings

Always note that you must be careful when looting. If you can see an open door on the building, you need to know two things. The first thing to consider is that there is or at least one enemy in this building. So be careful when you enter it. The second thing is that since there was someone in this building, you probably will not find any good loot there. Because someone just got it first. That said, you close the doors behind you to make people believe that there is no one in the building and you can easily surprise them. Or if you hide in the building and you do not look at the door all the time, you can at least hear the doors open and you know there’s an enemy coming in. But even if you enter a house with closed doors, be careful as soon as you find a weapon without ammunition. This is a very good indicator that there is someone or there was someone in this building. In the game there is no weapon that spawns without ammunition.

Different Fire Modes Automatic, Coups by Coups

Another good thing to know is that some weapons can switch between two different fire modes. The first is the single shot. This firing mode fires only one bullet If you press the fire button. While auto mode fires the self three shots when you press the shutter button. There are advantages and disadvantages of both modes. If you use the single-shot mode, you shoot only one bullet, but you do not need a lot of recoil. This makes the single shot mode really great if you shoot at an enemy who is really far away. Therefore, if an enemy is nearby, you can use the automatic mode to shoot them faster and it will not matter if you have a precision disadvantage. Our recommendation is to try both modes and play with the mode you prefer. In our case, we always pass the weapons at once to have a better precision.

Ammunition and specific weapons

If you’re wondering what type of ammo you need for a specific weapon, but you cannot remember what the ammo looks like, open up your inventory and hit the ammo. It will give you information on the weapons used for this type of ammunition. I also recommend playing the game with headphones or at least increase the volume you can hear each sound in the game clearly. You can easily hear the footsteps of an enemy. You can also clearly hear that there is someone outside the building. Or you might be able to hear them walking around the building. You can try to find his position where he is. Make sure to increase the volume so that you can hear the firing steps and even the approaching cars.

Red Dot Viewfinder vs. Holographic Viewfinder

In our opinion, the Red Point is better than the holo . The Holo view actually covers a lot of the environment while the red dot does not cover much of the environment. Especially in a duel or team , the red dot is better than the holo. Because if you face more than one enemy and use the holo view, you can cover the second enemy and you can not see where the second enemy is going. If you use the red dot, you have a better overview of the complete p room. So, the red dot is better than the sight holo in our opinion.

Car parked in a suspicious place

If you can find a car in a suspicious or really parked place, you have to be careful . It’s a good indicator that someone was using this car a few seconds ago. If you can see a parked car, you should know that there may be people near the buildings or on the ground . If you find a car parked next to a forest, you should be extremely careful because enemies can hide behind trees and be very difficult to spot.