Game Of War: Fire Age Hacks and Cheats

Fraud writes a million to Game Of War: Fire Age:

A man from California has admitted to having been guilty of stealing $ 4.8 million from his former employer. He spent a million dollars on in-app purchases for Game Of War: Fire Age.

In addition to spending this enormous amount of money on a game, Kevin Lee Co also reported spending on plastic surgery. He also concluded an exclusive membership with a golf club. The rest of the money surprised the co.

Co said he was guilty of money laundering and fraud at the company he worked for. He did this between 2008 and 2015.

About Game Of War: Fire Age

Game Of War: Fire Age was created in 2013 by Machine Zone. It is an online multiplayer game in which players build armies and form alliances to fight against other players. It is a game that has no end.

It is striking how much money players spend on in-app purchases. Slice Intelligence investigated this and concluded that players spent an average of $ 550 in 2015. To bring this popular app to the attention, 40 million were spent on campaigns.

Acting with virtual money

Game Of War: Fire Age is a free app to play. In addition to free play, you can also buy virtual gold in the app as a player. You can use this virtual gold to promote progress in the game. With this virtual gold you can even gamble in the virtual casino within the game. During gambling you can win other minerals such as wood and stone.


Recently an article about gambling with virtual money has appeared, without the chance to win. This article has caused some commotion. The so-called skins industry was discredited around the video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, in which skins were traded on sites outside the game. The skins in this case had an economic value and they acted on bonafide gambling sites.

Incidentally, the game Game of War: Fire Age is not accused of this kind of practice since everything happens within the game.

Finally, the huge amount of money that Co wasted in the game has in any case ensured that people will work on tightening the regulations for premium mobile games.

Update Game of War!

Game of War – Fire Age renews both the MMO genre and mobile gaming in general. The game continues to set a new standard. Take advantage of countless fantastic additions to make your gameplay even more fun.