Hay Day Hack and Cheats

Hay Day Hack and Cheats: what does this game look like?

As the name suggests, Hay Day hack and cheats is a farm game. Whoever says farm game must immediately think of Farmville, because for many people this is the first farm game they ever came into contact with. Many people also think that it looks a lot like Farmville. Of course, it is two different games that you should not confuse with each other.

That is why it seems logical to get rid of this misunderstanding with a good general description of Hay Day. Although this game also works with harvesting virtual agricultural products and trading them, there are significant differences that make it a unique game. To say that this game is no more than a clone of Farmville would be very unfair and not a fun game.

Hay Day Cheats: the story

Who downloads and installs this game is ready to start playing the game. You touch the icon of the game and you end up directly in the landscape where the story takes place. There you are met by your uncle Greg who is already a day older and feels that it is time to retire. He asks you to take over his job in the farm.

As an assistant you get the scarecrow of the farm. He explains what you need to do first to get the somewhat neglected farm back in order. This is done with a video that shows how you can plant and harvest grain and other things. Then you can try it yourself, and that goes without saying. The wheat that you can plant first is growing automatically. This is very easy. You see everything grow while you are there and that is also fun. Every time you harvest something, you get XP points and before you know it you are a level further.

The different levels

So this game is a game that works with levels like many other online games. In the first level you can immediately start with the buildings that are already on the land: the house, the silo and the shed. You need them to keep your harvest and to keep track of your progress. As said: they look a bit neglected and the first thing you can do is to give these buildings a makeover.

You do this with brushes and a pot of paint that you are automatically handed over. Once this job has been refurbished, you can continue with planting and harvesting. Then the scarecrow asks you to welcome the first farm animals. These are chickens. You can buy them with the coins that you received as stock. You can place the chickens in the chicken coop that you find in the store. You can recognize this shop by the cash register symbol.

During the first level you will find pieces of land, grain, a chicken coop and chickens. Once you have gathered enough experience points (XP), you can proceed to level 2 and there you will find other crops, buildings and animals that you can add to your farm. This is the fun of the levels: every level you can expect something new.

The different characters

In this game you will not only find crops, buildings and animals. You will also find different characters back. For example, at the beginning of this article we talked about uncle Greg asking to continue his work at the farm. Further in the game he pops up as one of your neighbors who offers to buy your harvest.

You can also sell Greg to whatever you pay too much. In addition to Greg and the scarecrow, which you explain more and more about how you can play the game, you discover more and more characters. For example, there are virtual neighbors who, like Greg, offer to buy part of your harvest. This seems fun and it is, but you have to be careful not to sell your entire harvest.

If you do that, you will not have any crops or eggs left to, for example, bake bread or other goodies. In addition to the characters that pop up in the game, you can also invite your Facebook friends and play with them together. Then you also get the opportunity to buy from them and they can also come and buy from you.

The different machines

Hay Day not only allows you to grow crops and keep farm animals, but also to process your yields from crops and animals into ready-made products. You can prepare milk, butter, pancakes, cakes, breads, hamburgers and many other treats for your buyers and friends.

A socially an interactive game

More than just a clone of Farmville, it is a game with its own character. This becomes clear when you continue to play the game. You get more and more opportunities and the game is also becoming more entertaining and fun. Especially when you play the game with friends, it is like you are really buying things from each other, as might be the case in the real world.

This game is a fun and also a bit addictive game. At the same time, it is also a game that you can easily put aside to do something different in the meantime. After all, the animals and plants continue to grow while you are in school or at work. That’s the positive thing about this game. You look beautiful, it is social and you do not always feel the compulsion to play, while that is fun to do.

What you have to watch out for is the Hay Day hack and cheats in app purchases. If you allow yourself to be seduced, you may spend more on it than you intended. That is why we would like to recommend people who are sensitive to this to turn off these purchases in the settings of the phone or tablet. Also try our German Hay Day hack site!