Super Mario Run Hack & Cheat

Nintendo has released an addictive mobile game: Super Mario Run. In the game you try to play levels by jumping the playful plumber at the right time. But how does Super Mario Run work exactly?

How does Super Mario Run work?
Super Mario Run iOS Toad Rally Nintendo has released the first official Mario game for smartphones and tablets: Super Mario Run. The gameplay is reminiscent of the old Mario Bros games, but with a modern touch. So Mario is now automatically running through the level, where you just have to make sure Mario jumps. That makes the game very suitable for smartphones, since you do not have the handy physical buttons of for example a Gameboy.

World Tour

As a player you only have to press the screen, on which Mario immediately makes a jump. The longer you press the screen, the higher the plumber jumps. In the first mode of the game, World Tour, you have to pass through the entire level without going off. There are also enemies around that you have to avoid, or disable. You can do that by jumping on their heads. There are, for example, also holes where you can fall into. By collecting as many coins as possible you get a higher score.

Toad Rally

The second game mode in Super Mario Run is called Toad Rally. In that you have to play a level again, but this time against the mind of another player. The bottom line is that you try to improve the records of your friends by collecting as many coins as possible within as little time as possible. It’s called Toad Rally because they all watch Toads, who judge which player has made the most impression.
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Why you can not play Super Mario Run offline
The new game Super Mario Run will be released in the App Store tomorrow. What we already know is that you, regardless of whether you play online

Kingdom Builder

Then we arrive at the third game mode called Kingdom Builder. In this mode you can return collected coins to build your own Mushroom Kingdom. You can put down houses, buy decorations and make your own world. By buying specific houses you unlock new levels for other modes, or even new characters. Think of Luigi, Yoshi and even Toad.

Cost and connection

There is a free demo of Super Mario Run available, with which you can try the first three levels of the World Tour Mode. If you want to play all game modes, levels and future extra content, you will have to pay € 10. To play Super Mario Run you must always have an internet connection. However, that is only so that the game can check whether you have purchased the game, so it does not swallow your data as fast as with Pokémon Go.