Transformice Hack & Cheat

Nobody likes it, of course, if he or she can not collect cheese. With this guide we hope to help you solve your connection problems!

The solutions below help in most cases. Try them all before you leave a comment with a call for help with your connection problem.

  • Check that Transformice is not out.

It may be that it is not your connection that Transformice is out of it. There are regular updates or server problems. Before you do something, first check if this is not the case. You can log in to the IRC of transformice to ask a Moderator if there are any problems. In many cases you can just try again in a couple of hours if you are able to connect.

  • Empty your cookies / cache.

On this website you will find a guide to empty your cookies for different browsers. If you use a Standalone, follow the instructions for Internet Explorer.

  • Ping the server.

By pinging the server you can check to what extent your computer can ‘communicate’ with the game server. To check your ping, follow the following steps in your Windows or Mac:

Windows: Start Menu -> Programs / All Programs -> Desk Accessories -> Command Prompt. A black screen should now appear. Type in this screen: ping

Mac: Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

Typ: ping -o | head -n 1

If you see a large black block of text with “Reply from” then your connection is fine. If this is not the case, there may be something that causes your connection to the server to be blocked. Probably a firewall

  • Check your firewall.

There are many different firewalls and therefore there is no standard method to unblock an application. Search with Google, or check your firewall documentation to find out how to set up a program to make an exception for Tranformice. Make sure port 443 is not blocked. If you do not know how to find or enable this for your firewall, post in this thread which firewall you are using and then someone will try to help you.

NB:If you try to play Transformice in a public place such as school or work, it is usually a firewall that causes the connection to the server to be blocked.

  • Use the ‘Flash debugger’.

Go to this page and download the “Projector Content Debugger (EXE)” for your operating system. Loads the game with this projector and post a screenshot if an error or error occurs.

  • Use a proxy.

Melibellule has said that the use of proxies to make your game work is permitted. Unfortunately, proxies cause lag and they are generally very slow. 

  • Does the game still not work? Post in this thread.

If after reading this entire post you still have problems, post a screenshot of what you see and where your problem lies when you try to load the game and answer the following questions in your post:

  1. Since when did you encounter this problem? ?
  2. Which provider does your internet (ISP) provide?
  3. Post your screenshot.
  4. Have you already tried to connect to the same IP address via another computer?
  5. Do you use a browser or a standalone? And which browser or standalone do you use?
  6. Also tell us how you followed the above steps and what steps you are experiencing.

We hope to have helped you!